how to check aadhar card status in india ?

How to check Aadhar card status in India?

Since it is mandatory to have Aadhar card in India, every one needs to fill the enrollment form to get Aadhar. That enrollment form has the EID number in it. The use of EID number is to


There are various other ways you can check aadhar card status

We can check Aadhar using –

  • URN Number
  • SRN Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • EID number
  • UID number
  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Biometric
  • Mobile number
  • SSUP update number



UIDAI , the official agency for Aadhar card, allows you to use the website to check Aadhar status online.


Aadhar update status check


Also, you can check Aadhar update status using update request number.


Just visit the official Self service update portal and then click on Check status link.


There, you will be asked to enter the URN number. Once you enter that, you will be asked to enter mobile number and generate OTP.


That OTP is used to know the verification of Aadhar owner.


You can also visit any local Aadhar card center and check Aadhar update status.


For that, you will have to get the acknowledgment number first.


Aadhar link status


If you have not linked Aadhar with other things like PAN , bank account or more, you will have to check Aadhar link status to know confirmation of Aadhar seeding.


For that, dial *99*99# from your phone and check Aadhar linking status easily.


You can also use the local aadhar card office to check Aadhar link status.

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